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Democratic Congressional candidate William Hanson: Trump has ‘absolutely’ committed impeachable offense

Fourth District Democratic Congressional candidate William Hanson says there’s no doubt in his mind that President Donald Trump has committed an impeachable offense and he contends that moving forward on impeachment is the only way to hold this particular president accountable.

“Election laws prohibit a person from receiving a gift, donation, or something of value from a foreign national, and it also prohibits a person from soliciting something of value. I think the president has certainly done that,” said Hanson, a lawyer and educator who has returned to Camden after a decades-long career in California.

“He [Trump] did it in the open when he asked China to investigate. Some people might wonder, is an investigation something of value? I only point back to the 2016 election when Director Comey introduced that new investigation of Senator Clinton and I do believe it impacted her chances of being president. So I think he really wants to try to repress votes or get people to worry about Vice-president Biden. So, I do believe that he has committed an impeachable offense,” said Hanson, who appeared on this week’s edition of Talk Business & Politics.

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